Centre Occupants

Centre Occupants

QCAT is a focal point for interaction between researchers and industry with a strong onsite commitment to furthering technology transfer in the resources sector.

The co-location and support of commercial enterprises and other research providers at QCAT's Technology Transfer Centre provides a thriving environment for the exchange of insight, information and technology.

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CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, is Australia's national science agency and one of the largest and most diverse research agencies in the world. Five divisions of CSIRO are represented at QCAT:


These divisions support several National Research Flagships:

Centre for Low Emission Technologies

CletThe Centre for Low Emission Technologies (cLET) is a joint venture between the Queensland Government and CSIRO. Other partners include the University of Queensland, Tarong Energy, Stanwell and the Australian Coal Association Research Program.

The primary focus of the centre is on the research and development of next generation low emission electricity generation and/or hydrogen production technologies.

 Link cLET website

CCSDCooperative Research Centre for Coal in Sustainable Development

CCSD’s programs aim to inform strategic decisions, improve environmental performance and understand coal performance in current and emergent technologies.

 Link CCSD website

Defence Science and Technology Organisation Brisbane

DSTOWith new facilities in Brisbane, DSTO is Australia’s lead organisation in the development of hypersonics - the study of velocities greater than five times the speed of sound (Mach 5). Flights at hypersonic speeds potentially offer significant advantages in performance for both defence and civilian aerospace applications. Civilian applications include low-cost satellite launch and high-speed aircraft.

Link DSTO website

Applied Mining Technologies Pty Ltd AMT

Applied Mining Technologies Pty Ltd plays a key role in the successful transfer of mining guidance technologies from research to a commercial, industry-accepted solution for highwall mining applications. In collaboration with major equipment manufacturers and suppliers, AMT has developed a complete and integrated highwall monitoring and control package incorporating inertial and horizon control technologies.

Link Applied Mining Technologies Pty Ltd website

Carbon Energy Pty LtdCarbon Energy

Carbon Energy Pty Ltd is an energy company created to make step change reduction in the cost of clean power and liquid fuels from coal. Our business is to deliver a new generation of large scale energy projects based on cleaner and greener use of coal. The key to this is coal gasification which transfers the energy from coal into syngas (hydrogen and carbon monoxide), an extremely versatile and easily handled product.

Link Carbon Energy website

Cutting Edge Technology Pty Ltd

Cutting Edge Technology Pty Ltd (CET) was established at QCAT in 1995 as a mining consultancy that specialises in the research and development of mining systems, integrating geomechanical and mining equipment engineering.
CET aims to promote auger mining technology and to identify and develop opportunities in the Australian surface and underground mining industries through Coal Augering Services Pty Ltd (CAS). In the 2006-07 year CET’s primary focus was the development of CET Resources Pty Ltd (CETR). CET, CAS and CETR have common ownership but trade as independent companies from their head office at the QCAT precinct.

Link CET website

GeoTek Solutions Pty Ltd

GeoTek Solutions is a geotechnical consultancy specialising in slope stability for open cut mines. The services delivered by GeoTek Solutions are based on a practical integration of engineering and geological knowledge.

Link GeoTek Solutions Pty Ltd website

Rio Tinto Alcan

Rio Tinto ALCAN Queensland Research and Development Centre

The $2.4 million purpose-built centre is developing new technologies and enhancing existing alumina production processes to produce more alumina from less raw materials and energy, and lower waste and emissions. The laboratory was constructed with financial support from the Australian and Queensland Governments, and has won awards for its design.

 Link Rio Tinto ALCAN QRDC website

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